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Active Body

VITA PRO 21 is pleased and proud to announce the HEALTH CANADA-approved *WHEN* revitalizing drink!
WHEN is a concentrated vitamin and mineral shot enriched with botanicals and amino acids -- think of it as a
straight shot of nutrients for the times that your body needs them most!
Already tested by weightlifters, fighters, pole dancers, naturopaths, doctors and a wide variety of other athletes,
professionals and average Joes and Josephines, *WHEN* has gotten top marks for the “bounce back” feeling
many report while using it to recover from heavy stress or exertion.
Of particular note are the rave reviews coming from the party population, with increasing numbers of them taking
one shot of WHEN before bed and another first thing in the morning after a full-bore night of hitting the clubs etc.
But of course we don’t expect you to take our word for it, you can try *WHEN* and see for yourself .
This is *WHEN* you need it-- produced for the people who celebrate!
Made by real Doctors. Users report it works!

Manufactured in CANADA  
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