WHEN you feel like you can’t get out of bed.

WHEN you feel like your body has taken enough.

WHEN you swear you won’t do that ever again.

Those are the moments that inspired the creation of WHEN.

This journey started in 2017, when the idea of partying without next-day’s remorse was no more than a dream. We’ve all been there: that crazy, wild weekend we thought we could take like champs got us down harder than we thought.

Not the finest moment in our life, right?

WHEN was born from asking ourselves: does it have to be this way? Does every good, crazy weekend have to end with so little grace? Well, it’s a BIG no for us.

We believe in the people who live life to the fullest. And for them we made the dream come true: a morning-after with no remorse, no punishment – only crazy memories and a good boost of wellness.

Better than a simple rehydration drink – we are talking about an all-in-one hangover cure. When preparing for a party, do you ever wonder how you’ll feel the next day? Well, now you don’t even have to. WHEN has your answer: you will feel freaking great.

immune system booster

immune system booster

According to our super cool team of scientists, nutritionists, and doctors, your brain plays tricks on you after a night of partying.

Your serotonin levels drop to the floor.

Your anxiety, exhaustion, and fatigue climb to the ceiling. You feel ugly inside and out.

At Vita Pro 21, we know how much this can affect your productivity, performance, and well-being. And we care.

Our formula is unrivaled when it comes to vitamin, minerals, and amino acids concentration. Mixed with the healthiest types of botanicals, it goes beyond your normal energy drink.

Trusted by doctors and experts in the nutrition and wellness field.

Our ingredients come together to restore your strength, revitalize your body, and rebalance your serotonin levels.

No sugar, no caffeine, dairy-free, GMO free, gluten free, vegan friendly, no artificial colors or flavors.

We believe in natural revitalization, and that’s what you’ll get from us – a healthy immune system booster that will skyrocket your performance.

Also, we are super proud to say that WHEN was cleared by Health Canada, which has one of the highest health standards in the WORLD.

WHEN is not about the perfect partying, warrior-like lifestyle to keep up forever. This is about health, wellness, and enjoying life without shame and exhaustion.

We give REAL people the chance to enjoy their days and nights freely. Give your body that longer lasting boost of energy, without the jitters and let-down crash.

Successfully bounce back from any draining situation by restoring your balance, and give your body a pat on the back for getting you through those amazing times.

This is not only for party-hards, but for anyone who has put their body through serious stress. Overworking, jetlag, relentless training - we’ve got you covered!

But don’t take our word for it (we are a bit biased about WHEN’s awesomeness), take it from the real people we’ve helped.

There are hundreds of real testimonials that prove to us every day that we’ve been doing something amazingly right.

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