Vita Pro 21 WHEN is one of the most effect healthy energy drinks, resulting in it also being an amazing hangover cure. Time and time again, we have our customers messaging us and letting us know their story of how WHEN helped them to feel better! Below you read and view some of these amazing testimonials. If you want to learn more about what makes WHEN so special, check out the ingredients!

A team of doctors, scientists, nutritionists, homeopaths, naturopaths and one of the best pharmaceutical science doctors in North America in full support of our next level liquid formula @vitapro21.

A real product for real people with real results!

1. Studies on our drink show that it has been deemed safe, effective, of the highest quality and helps support everyday biological function in the maintenance of good health.
2. Boosts immune system.
3. Boosts energy levels.
4. Provides antioxidants.

Morning-afters made easy with the best premium hangover drink on the planet! Tastes like health and our customers love WHEN because it works.

I rarely drink, so when I do it tends to hit me pretty hard. VITA PRO 21 takes the edge off in a BIG way after those times when I choose to indulge. Strongly, strongly recommended.

// Paul Lazenby

Super product. Helped me out huge during travels. Packing it every trip I go on!

// Clinton Craig

This is an amazing product especially when your partying all night and are easily worn down from lack of sleep and dehydration. I took it right after my first night out for my bachelorette and it kept me from throwing up and NO headaches. Tasty over ice and I was able to do it all again for another few nights. My flight home was the first time I wasn’t sick or groggy. Thanks for keeping this bride to be going.

// Cindy Max

Had the pleasure of running into Rob and the Vita Pro 21 booth at the Great Okanagan Beer Festival. He educated me on what was in this product, how it works, and that it was great for partying and hangovers. Being that I was at the beer festival with some buds, a hangover was imminent and it was mothers day the following day. Needless to say I woke up feeling like death, needing to run to see my mom for some mid-day brunch. Low and behold this golden bottle was staring me down in the morning so I chugged it. Within about 2 hours I felt amazing, it was absolutely surreal. Tons of energy, headache gone, no crash later in the day. I’ll be picking up a flat of this stuff in the future! Truly a miracle in a bottle. Thanks again Rob!

// Kieran Nicholson

Thanks Vita Pro for always making me feel better after a night out.

// Julie Christie

Love this product!!! WHEN Gives me perfect amount of energy without any jitters and it helps me sleep well at night.

// Mike Gino

Rob Yun you and this product are amazing! Thank you so much for dropping me off the bottles for start. I thought it would be ok because it is all natural and if it cures hangovers instantly then it should be pretty good. Let me tell everyone what you said to me…. don’t smell, just shoot! I did after breakfast and I was not drinking the night before. Wow smell is strong but it is powerful…. I have amazing energy without after affects… I feel like a powerhouse! My daughter’s and I are hooked! You all need to try this!

// Cris Goldsmith

This is much more than a hangover cure. If your just feeling groggy or even recovering from a cold or sore from workouts. This drink is a serious shot of goodness that brings you right up to 110%. Ive tried it three different times now. And it gets my brain going and my body feeling good. I mean like feeling good, not just awake and alert, everything in me functions at top shape when i use this drink.

// Noel Bieber

I would recommend this product to anyone. I bought it at the Vancouver Taboo Show over the weekend and the way Monday’s are I am usually tired. This morning I brought one of my WHEN in and let me tell you this stuff works I am not tired I have energy. If you haven’t tried it and need a boost after a night of drinking orjust the typical Monday get some it will help you out!!!! Thank you Rob I will be getting more off you and sending people your way.

// Crystal

thank you vitapro! Honestly the best thing when your not feeling 100% took two bottles before I went to bed after a night of partying, woke up feeling like I didn’t even drink went to my lacrosse game and ran for 1.5 hours never felt better ! Thanks rob yun !!!

// Keiffer Widen

Feeling rough after a late night and early morning I drank one bottle before work and was very pleased with the results. I felt alot better and made it through my day. This stuff works!

// Will ezz

Wow!! Really amazing product, it actually works. Love drinking it with ice!! Highly recommended.

// Enrico Magsambol

Being a firefighter we celebrate a lot, and this product is absolutely amazing! Pure game changer. I’ve used it a few times when out celebrating and have woken up with no hangover at all. I’d recommend eating some food with it at the end of the night because of the amount of vitamins in it. Seriously, try it out, you will NOT regret it. The boys at the firehall are raving about it, and I’m a huge fan. Wow

// Matt Claridge

WHEN is like sunshine in a bottle! It made me feel energized and ready to take on the day. Unlike other supplements, I didn’t feel nauseous or jittery at all. It’s definitely a staple in my house.

// Zafi Ali-Gharabaghi

Just like the slogan says, “When you need it!!!” Not only do I use WHEN after a night out but its also great to take when your just feeling exhausted. It gives you a natural clean boost to help you get over your hangovers or just get through the day. Great Product Rob!!!!!

// David Song

Works like a charm… All natural without the jitters and crash that you get from other energy drinks.

// Eric Maki